Wardrobe Breakdown: Steve Harvey On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

I’m back with even more mens fashion, thought I would try it again since Comedian Steve Harvey is all over the internet for his impeccable style! His stylist does an amazing job with his looks and this was another one I enjoyed looking at last night as he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

On the show Steve talked about everything he’s doing to avoid getting COVID, his friendship with the late, great Bob Saget, turning 65 years old, his wife spending money, being the practical one in his family, what would happen when he becomes a billionaire, his new ABC show “Judge Steve Harvey,” his thoughts on “The Bachelor,” and being married for 15 years. Whew that was a lot but check out more pictures and what he was wearing plus a video clip!

Steve was wearing a Dunhill knit kimono sweater with Gucci leather trousers and Bottega Veneta boots, styled by Elly Karamoh, nice!

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