Bezoria MidEast Street Eats In Duluth, Ga

Yesterday me along with two of my friends stopped by a new restaurant in Duluth, Ga called, Bezoria. It’s a popular fast casual place that was celebrating their grand opening. I had never heard of the eatery but they have a few locations in the area. We walked inside and it was extremely colorful and we loved the play on words with all the signage.

I quickly looked over the menu and they had an array of choices. They offered salads, pita sandwiches, chicken or vegan falafel, rice bowls, wraps and more! I decided on the chicken bowl that was really good and my friends got wraps and bowls as well.

You “start your journey” by picking out your choices with a bowl, salad, flatbread or pita. Then you add your protein then veggies. After that, you choose your sauces, sides and that’s pretty much it! Kinda reminds you of how Chipotle is set up.

If you’re tired of the everyday kinda meals and want something a bit different, I suggest you give them a try! They have several locations at Cumberland Mall, Alpharetta and now Duluth, Ga.

At the newest Duluth location, they’re having a grand opening with a free entree item next Friday, November 12th. Any guest can enjoy a free entree (rice bowl, salad, pita sandwich) with choice of chicken or (vegan) falafel during select lunch and dinner hours. More pics inside, stay blessed everyone!

Rice Bowl with Chicken, tomato & cucumber, onions, cabbage slaw

Falafel, Lamb Kefta Wrap



2131 Pleasant Hill Rd Suite 153

Duluth, Ga 30096

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