It’s November, Thanksgiving And Ten Things

I was headed out the other day and had to run back in to grab a jacket because although it was sunny outdoors, it was quite chilly! I was headed to a dinner in the mountains and once I arrived it was FREEZING, so my jacket came in handy! The dinner was outside…lawd!  I vowed many years ago that I wouldn’t buy any more furs because its just not the right thing to do, so this sheared mink was the last coat that I bought several years ago.

Funny thing is, when I lived in Ohio, people would wear fur coats all the time because it gets to be below zero and it was also a fashion statement. Then I moved south and you hardly ever see people wear them except for at really elaborate affairs like the mayors ball etc that’s coming up in a few weeks.

Anywoo, it’s November now and I didn’t even catch my breath from last month but here we are! Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m trying to decide if I want to host this year or do something else. Never been a fan on turkey or all the fixings that go along with it but my daughter and I are trying to decide now. I’d rather travel some place warm and sit by the beach lol.

Inside, see ten things that I thought was fun and interesting plus we all gotta prepare to shop this month and get those gifts out the way because Christmas will be here before we know it! Have a blessed day everyone and stay safe out there! Praying for the families from that horrid concert in Houston,Texas too… such a tragedy!

  • I’m wearing this cute Femme Luxe Black One-Shoulder Ruched Slinky Midi Dress, great for any holiday occasion!
  •  Still love my sheared mink fur jacket from Schwartz Furs in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Total splurge but these pink Averly pumps are adorable to spruce up any outfit from Jimmy Choo
  • Lori Harvey’s new skin care line is amazing I hear shop at SKN by Lori Harvey 
  • Atlanta’s own, The McClure Twins have a new book out called, Make It Fashion 
  • Cute Thanksgiving Gift Set by MudPie 
  • Love this toddler knit set from Feltman Brothers nice outfit for holiday family photos
  • The White Flower Cake Shoppe has some amazing sweet treats in Cleveland, Oh omg!
  • These Quatrefoil leaf earrings are too adorable for Fall by Brianna Cannon great gift idea, they have fabulous accessories!
  • If you’re in need of any new makeup brushes etc, check out Anisa Beauty!

Loved wearing this ruched black one shoulder dress but over at Femme Luxe you can find many cute looks like their white dress, ruched dress, loungewear sets and sexy bodysuits. Don’t forget to go up a few sizes because European clothing runs a bit small. I’m wearing a size 8 and their clothing has a lot of stretch and extremely comfy!



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