Blogging Tips: Building A Long Lasting Relationship With Your Favorite Brands

fashion to figure

In meeting with Fashion To Figure Publicist Sinead

While in New York City, I had a chance to stop by some of my favorite fashion brands that I’ve been working with for YEARS. As a blogger, it is very detrimental that you keep a good relationship with brands that you work with and keep them up to date on what you are doing. Also, its a good idea for you to reach out to them as well to find out what they may be working on. Inside I give you a few blogging tips on what you can do to build a long lasting relationship with brands you love.

fashion to figure

Co-Founder of Fashion To Figure Michael Kaplan and I

If you frequent the blog, you would know that I wear a lot of clothing from fashion brand Fashion To Figure. I have done numerous amounts of collaborations with them, ad campaigns, hosting and more. Every week or so, I check the site to see what I like and I send them emails and ideas on what I would like to do. They also do the same. We brainstorm and go over some innovative ways we can help each other. I am now an affiliate for them and I am very pleased because we help each other.

By my daughter and I being plus size, I sent them an email a few months back and told them that I would love to model some of their spring/summer items and they loved the idea of the whole mother & daughter duo. The Mother & Daughter Spring/Summer collaboration was a big hit and everyone loved it!  If you have fun ideas, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to some of your favorite brands and throw some ideas out to them. You will never know if you don’t try.

With another brand, I told them that I do guest spots on television as a style expert and they didn’t know that. I sent them my media kit and links to some of my clips from tv and they loved the idea. Later on, they did a whole fashion segment with me for CBS 46. If you have contacts from radio or television producers, let them know what you want to do. Brands don’t know what you are doing unless you tell them.

Give your honest opinion on what you think needs to be tweaked, worked on or revamped with a brand. They love hearing fresh ideas from someone on the outside looking in. I often tell them that this was a bit too short, the fabric was not that great and other things, they value my opinion. When I love something I tell them that too.

Study the latest fashion trends. Read up on what’s hot or something thats trendy coming out. If there is anyway you can add something special let them know. With beauty & fashion brands or whatever, you can put a spin on a fashion or beauty feature, add to social media and beyond. Think outside of the box and share your ideas with them.

It helps if you are really familiar with the brand and their mission. If you know their demographics or market, that makes it so much easier to work with them. Do your due diligence/research before reaching out to pitch them.

Send them your rate sheet or what you would like to be compensated for. Everything is negotiable and if you are not good at negotiating, reach out to someone and consult with them first before reaching out to a brand with your idea. Doing a few freebies doesn’t hurt either to build your brand or resume but after that, you may want to charge a small fee for different projects. I hope this gives you some good blogging tips but remember to stay true to yourself and value your worth, Till next time!  xoxo

fashion to figure

fashion to figure

Playing around in Fall accessories!

fashion to figure

With Sinead and Tanisha


With Yana and Paula from LeSportsac


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