Day One Gulfport Biloxi, Mississippi

I am feeling VERY relaxed today! I got in late last night from a fun little “girls getaway” weekend visiting Biloxi, Mississippi. I have never heard or been to Biloxi before but was very eager to learn more about it once I received an email from Visit Mississippi inviting me to come visit. I quickly googled it and then called my god mother who has been up and down the south since she was a little girl. I must admit at first she didn’t have pleasant things to say about Mississippi, it left a bad taste in her mouth growing up seeing all the things that happened when she was a teenager but she told me very optimistically, go see it, I’m sure things have changed since then. I am glad that she encouraged me to do just that because I had a wonderful experience! 

Biloxi is a city on the Gulf of Mexico. Its a place known for its casinos, night life and let’s not leave out the food! It has a very large seafood industry and I mean its plentiful lol. Every restaurant that we stopped by offered this cuisine. From crawfish, shrimp to crab claws and more, it was good, I mean really good! I invited my best friend Heather to tag along, who I have been friends with since 1986. I knew that she would love the experience and she likes to travel and take photographs. We arrived and got settled in at our hotel which was at the Hard Rock Casino & Resort. It sits right on the beach and it was very clean, full of activities and happy guests. I loved the pool area which we lounged at, had cocktails, nibbled on bites and just sat back and relaxed. Much needed for sure.

Later we ate brunch at Le Cafe Beignet, the food was AMAZING, omg!

Shrimp & Grits

Crab Stack and Chicka Sandwich

Next stop was at a Hurricane Katrina Memorial and the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art

These “pods” behind me are a million dollars a piece! Someone donated them for the museum, wow!

I feel so at ease!!! This lovely off-the-shoulder blouse is by Mud-Pie

They offer ceramic classes too, I would love to do this, it’s so much fun!

The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art is a non-profit art museum located in Biloxi, Mississippi dedicated to the ceramics of George E. Ohr the self-proclaimed “Mad Potter of Biloxi”.

City Within a City: African American Culture in Biloxi, Pleasant Reed Interpretive Center

This exhibition highlights the cultural history of the vibrant, segregated “city within a city” of Biloxi, Mississippi during the post WWII years. Photographs showcased will include schools, restaurants, and other businesses owned, operated, and employed by African Americans during that era. The geographic boundaries of this neighborhood were Caillavet Street on the west, Bayou August on the north, Lee Street on the east and the railroad tracks on the south. This exhibition serves as a complement to an ongoing project by the City of Biloxi to document the historic structures in the neighborhood centered in the same area as the Museum project.

We ate dinner at Beau Rivage Buffet then later we went to a Kool & The Gang concert inside the hotel as well, it was so GOOD!

Kool & The Gang played songs like Too Hott, Get Down On It, Celebration, Joanna, Cherish, and Ladies Night. When they played “Ladies Night”, everyone went wild and all the ladies rushed the stage and starting dancing lol. I didn’t think that I would enjoy this band like I did but they got me up out my seat and I danced the night away!

We had an amazing time, I would like to encourage you guys especially African Americans out there to visit the city if you have never been here. The people were very friendly, accommodating and it was so much to do. Its a place where you can take a quick road trip with your family or girlfriends etc. Also, check back in a few days for day 2 where you will see even more things that we did! I would like to thank Visit Mississippi and Metrics Marketing for the fabulous experience! xoxo


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  1. Wow you did all of this on day one. I never thought about vacationing there. Hmm it’s definitely a place to add to the list.

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