Dootie Models For Girls Ona Grind

I am so proud of my daughter Dootie! She is really making moves with her being a popular hairstylist here in Atlanta and also she is starting to blossom out by modeling here and there. Like mother like daughter right lol. She has a few friends that also launched their own clothing line and one of them has created her very own called, “Girls Ona Grind” site coming soon. She asked Tyra to model for her and they all looked so pretty.

I think it’s really a great idea that these young ladies are all similar in age and already starting to think about being entrepreneurs! It’s so inspiring to watch them do their own thing and be so creative! I wanted to share with you guys a few snapshots from their recent photoshoot but follow Dootie on instagram @TyraInTheCity to see all that she does, she is always up to something, enjoy! 

Images via Instagram

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