Hello September And Ten Things

Sooo September is here and I am NOT ready smh! It’s my oldest child’s birthday month too! Dootie will be 21 years old in a few weeks and I can not believe how time flew by! She also moved out into her own place and it was bittersweet! I’ve been at her house harassing/annoying her every single day too because she only lives 10 minutes away and I love it!

I go over and sit glasses down on her cocktail table without a coaster, leave things open etc and she gets so annoyed! I say, Oh your bougee now but at my house, you were a hot mess and so messy lol! I do love how independent she is, now if I can get Pootie to do the same lol! 

Being a mom is so much fun and I like the person Dootie is becoming! I cried in the car on my way home because I never was the type that wanted my kids to move out, they never really bothered me but if they must, soar and live your life! I have a few cool things I saw and loved. I wanted to also share them with you inside! Welcome September, be kind and gentle to me! 

Ten Things:

Looking for fun & cute workout gear, try Fit Junkey athletic wear! Custom made by my personal photographer Genae Banks!

LOVE these “Tuxedo” sandals by Aminah Abdul Jillil wow!

New tv show/comedy coming to Fox on September 9th called, Rel, check out the trailer, so funny!

Essie has a new soda pop shop collection, love it!

Got lots of compliments on these cute sneakers by Keds/Kate Spade New York Triple Decker Calf Hair Slip Ons!

Looking for a fancy dress for a night out on the town, try this one shoulder “Cindy” beauty by Kairos Shoppers!

It’s Fall time, I tried this meat loaf recipe and it was a huge hit!

I leave for Chicago with NBC next week for their 4th Annual One Chicago Day Press event, check back for all the pics and recap!

New clothing line No Race No Gender launched by my friend Jon The Stylist.

Meghan Markle’s Tuxedo dress, very popular trend right now, by Judith & Charles


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