In Case You Missed It: Brooke Shields On ‘Good Morning America’

Supermodel and Actress Brooke Shields stopped by Good Morning America on Friday! I always loved Brooke and wanted to be a model like her when I was younger! I really admired her and looked up to her and when she did the movie, The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love I was totally blown away.

On the show the 57-year-old beauty talked about her new documentary, Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. In the documentary, she recalls having her first kiss with a 29-year-old actor while she was 11 geesh! How Michael Jackson wanted to adopt her and her marriage to tennis star Andre Agassi.

If you didn’t know, she has a clothing line and beauty products titled, Beginning is Now. I had no clue till she mentioned it. On the show, I was loving her hot pink jumpsuit that she wore! She still looks amazing after all this time and I’m such a fan! See more pics and video of her interview inside…


(ABC/Paula Lobo)

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