Munson Steed Releases New Children’s Book, Little Professor Skye Series: Sleep Sleep Dream Dream

CEO and publisher of Steed Media, Munson Steed, just released his newest masterpiece in the Little Professor Skye Series: Sleep Sleep Dream Dream, a beautifully narrated bedtime story that creates Black girl magic for those young princesses who are in true need of seeing themselves positively reflected in a book. Steed’s newest children’s book is perfect for developing a bedtime tradition that allows all who read to enter into a whimsical and magical place where they are reminded how extraordinary they are, as they drift off into LaLa-Land.


In the book, the bond between the characters Daddy and Skye is awe-inspiring and is shown as Daddy aims to reassure Skye that she can look into the future while she sleeps and be comforted in knowing that the journey can be seen ”…if you close your eyes and dream of what is to come to be.” Skye in turn responds to Daddy by saying “I believe in me, so my mind can see, the vision of who I choose to be.”

“I aimed to create a positive-thought bedtime need for any age. The father and daughter can be both a spiritual and community conversation as we all read and experience affirmations at bedtime.” Steed said. “It is an honor to create a voice of love and education for future generations with the Little Professor Skye series.” Steed went on to say.

The book exudes love throughout as love follows Skye along her bedtime fairytale journey. It is a captivatingly illustrated accompaniment for children from ages zero to 9 years old. The book provides young girls an opportunity to see themselves crowned and to be told they are special each and every night.

Steed Publishing and Steed Animation Studios is dedicated to bringing Black and multicultural characters to life. In addition to the Little Professor Skye book series, Steed Animation Studios is also producing a musical soundtrack to go along with the book series. This soundtrack will be performed in part by Little Professor Skye and the Highlights, and other special guests, and will be released on Steed Media’s rollingout music label. You can take a listen to the title soundtrack of Sleep Sleep Dream Dream by clicking here or by visiting

“A song had accompany this special story, so you can not only read what is written, but you can also feel what is written too.” Steed expressed.

Steed’s first children’s book Little Professor Skye: Favorite Things was chosen as an Award Finalist in the 2017 Best Book Awards by the American Book Fest, and continues to be highly sought after.

For more information on Sleep Sleep Dream Dream and other Little Professor Skye products, please visit You can also follow Skye’s journey @LittleProfessorSkye on IG and FB.

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