Omarion Talks About Leaving His Past Drama Behind On “Tamron Hall”

On yesterday’s show, renowned R&B artist Omarion discussed his book, “Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy,” and performed his latest single, “Serious,” from the next installment of his Sonic music series, “Full Circle: Sonic Book Two,” which is set to debut next month. Plus, the award-winning singer premiered a sneak peek of his upcoming music exclusively for the Tam Fam. See more inside and a video clip….

Omarion on putting his focus toward the future instead of being held back by the headlines from his past:

“At this point, I am tired of answering to the past. You know, specifically and particularly when I have moved on, you know what I mean? There are so many interviews that are about the salaciousness of the past…but I’m so forward in my growth and what I want to produce for myself in the future.”

Omarion on the importance of family throughout his career:

“It’s the foundation on which I’ve been able to soar…One of those keys for me, it’s being able to have that springboard because everything isn’t always nice. Life isn’t always just smiles. You have to really choose to be happy.”

(ABC/Jeff Neira)

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