Tik Toker ‘Reesa Teesa’ Will Make An Exclusive Appearance On Tamron Hall Monday!

In a daytime exclusive edition of “Tamron Hall” airing Monday, March 4, Tamron sat down with Reesa Teesa, the woman behind the viral TikTok video series “Who The Fuck Did I Marry.” In this sneak peek clip, Teesa shared how she is handling all attention including the negative comments on social media. 

DAYTIME EXCLUSIVE with REESA TEESA. She captured the attention of millions with her 50-part TikTok series claiming the man she married was not what he seemed. What you haven’t heard and why she really decided to tell her story.

Tune-in on Monday, March 4th when Teesa details her now ex-husband’s alleged deception, the red flags she ignored in the beginning of their relationship and shared why she decided to post the now viral videos. See the clip inside….

(ABC/Jeff Neira)

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