Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash And Lotion

My grandson Boogy Bear loves to take baths! I got really excited when my friends over at Tubby Todd sent me over their new Tubby Party Hair & Body Wash and Everyday Lotion. The Vanilla Cake Smash smells so yummy and my grandson really liked putting the lotion on his skin after his bubble bath! You don’t need anything but a cap full of the body wash, it lathers up extremely well and the lotion doesn’t have a really strong scent, just enough for a baby to enjoy. Boogy Bear smells so good, I want to eat him up. Tubby Todd is a great vegan product to use on your newborn baby or toddler or even for you if you have sensitive skin. More pictures inside and where to find.

The Tubby Party


We’re celebrating turning 6 by bringing back our fan-favorite super festive scent, Vanilla Cake Smash! Available in both Hair + Body Wash and Everyday Lotion bring this sugary, sweet, downright yummy scent into your bathtime and skincare routines to make every day a party!

Here are all the ways to shop Tubby Party:

GIFT SET-The Tubby Party Gift Set includes 25oz Hair + Body Wash and Everyday Lotion in Vanilla Cake Smash plus a Bath Bomb Bundle, and extra fun Party Todd Sticker sheet!

WASH + LOTION BUNDLE -Includes both 25oz Hair + Body Wash and Everyday Lotion in Vanilla Cake Smash, a major upgrade to any hand washing station




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