‘All About New Beginnings’ Girls Day Out

Over the weekend I attended my accountability coach and friend Shekila’s New Year, New Beginnings get together and boy did I have an amazing time! She wanted to get women together and just encourage, support, empower, and enlighten each of us. We all sat by the fire pit outdoors at a hotel and just fellowshipped getting to know one another over wine and food. It was so pretty outside too.

Most of us had some things in common like divorce, jobs, children and more. Each guest was also asked to bring something to share that inspired them. We all connected right away and it was great VIBES! I had a wonderful time and I encourage you ladies out there to do the same in your area. Plan at least once a month or every few months a group of ladies and just have some me time. Self-care is very important and your mental health too. One of the ladies that attended is a psych nurse and she had a lot to share with the group, I learned so much from her. More pics inside and I wish all of you have safe and healthy week! 

Me, Shekila, Rashelle, Michelle

I tried my best at making a Grazing Board, a lil more practice, I might go into business lol!

Shekila and Michelle

Michelle, Me and Keys

Cheers to a good year!

LOVE this t-shirt it says, Kiss My Soul

Inspirational gifts we received

I made these wine glass goodies

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