Feel Good Friday: Rawr Yoga Life With Marsha Shackelford

I have been feeling a bit stressed lately and dealing with a lot of anxiety. I’ve been having trouble sleeping and feeling like my vibration has been at an all-time low. I just toss and turn at night and often wake up late at night not being able to go back to sleep. I often just stay up and read online and watching tv that leaves me feeling exhausted. That’s when I thought to reach out to friend Marsha who owns Rawr Yoga. We met a few years ago and I remember that she did one-on-one yoga sessions and I thought to reach out to her. I was trying to find something that I could do that could help with relieve my stress. I explained to her what I was dealing with and she assured me that she could help me. I arrived at her studio where she taught me so many things.

Once I arrived, Marsha had tea brewing, incense burning, tranquil music playing and the room just looked so relaxing and peaceful. Out her back door we both viewed nature and when I say that, I mean it was red robins flying around, baby fawns eating the grass and butterflies right in her backyard, yes it was beautiful! We put our hands together and bowed our heads and said a prayer. We then started off the session with a breathing technique and she shared with me to tune things out and just relax and breathe.

I started to cry because I have so many thoughts pent up inside of me, feelings, sadness, just a few thoughts that I don’t often share with people. I wanted to heal and it felt like all that was released that afternoon and it felt invigorating! She said she could feel all of the tension in my body and I was extremely tense. We then did some stretches and I thought she was going to split me in two lol! It felt good though and I needed it. The form of yoga Marsha did with me was called, Thai Yoga.

She stretched my back, my torso area and my legs and I felt great. If you can imagine going to a chiropractor, it kinda reminds you of that lol. It was an amazing session and I do plan on going back weekly. Marsha made me feel so much better and she also recommended that I do a gratitude journal daily which I have been doing for a few years now. It helps me with writing down my thoughts and what I want to accomplish in life. Thanks so much Marsha for an amazing experience, see yah soon!

Breathing is everything! Breath is LIFE. We get energy from the food we eat, sun, water, and air. Have good energy around you and inside you. Purify your mind and body by breathing correctly. Your thoughts control your emotions. Stay calm and you will notice your breath is smooth. You can then train your emotions. Bring your mind into balance, then you will become more focused.

Most people hold their hands really tight and closed. It’s like holding on to old emotions. Nothing is able to get in with old stuff, old baggage, stagnant stuff, it does not serve you. Open your hands, let go, surrender. Allow it to go away and let new things come to you! It releases old habits and old things that don’t serve you anymore. Release it and what is supposed to be will come in.

My gift to Marsha, she has a beautiful, peaceful spirit!

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