Getting Fit For Summer With Fitness Trainer Genae Banks

Today was wild but I had so much fun! I ventured off to my good friend Genae’s new fitness studio called, Fit Junkey in Conyers, Ga. It was an afternoon of working out and fun! When I tell yah Genae worked my butt, wow that is an understatement! Genae is also training for an upcoming fitness competition, so she is really focused on toning areas like the glutes, arms, thighs and buttock area. I have always had issues with my thigh area and would like to tone them up a bit more. She showed me a few routines that I can do to shape up that problem area.

I have gained about 5 lbs since January of this year. I’m a size 4 but hoping to get to a size 5/6. My height is 5’5″ and I weigh about 132 lbs. Last year, I loss about 15 lbs and I looked very frail. I’m so glad to be getting some of my weight back now. Being depressed is no fun and sitting in the house can be either good or bad. I’m the type when I am upset or something is bothering me, the last thing I want to do is eat. I’d rather read or work on the computer lol. I have friends that have gained a massive amount of weight since Covid, so I hope that I can inspire and motivate some of you out there that need help losing weight or toning up.

Or just starting an exercise regimen. I pretty much still eat what I want but I mainly eat a lot of fruit and salads. I hardly ever eat fried food and I eat off of a saucer-sized plate. That helps me with food proportions but that’s pretty much it and I try hard to drink water. More pics inside. Have a great day and be safe!

We did weights in repetition of 10’s. I hate doing weights but if you want to build muscle and tone, they are much needed.

We also did squats, plus I ran up and down the gym using a weight machine to push and pull. It was hard but I kept at it. These exercises really help and I could feel the burn! I also want to tone up my mid section and stomach area so crunches and sit ups work best for that.

Genae showing that six pack!

Wearing Fit Junkey Apparel Teal Blue Sidney Jumpsuit

Fit Junkey Studios

977 Main St.

Conyers, Ga 30012

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